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Politics of Intimacy and the Intimacy of Politics - Adina Pintilie

Adina Pintilie
Archives of the Body - The Body in Archiving(SoSe 24)

Künstlerische Forschergruppe unter der Leitung von Adina Pintilie (Professorin für Film, HFBK Hamburg) mit den internationalen Studierenden Bo Friedrich, Catalina González González, Liao Kai Ro, Morgana de Mello, Merle Morzé, Kristina Savutsina

Intimacy and corporeality are essential aspects of our lives, subjectivities, and communities. And yet, they are topics we often find difficult to address, hindered by taboos, judgments, and other inner and outer blockages. Today, once again, the body has become a ‘battlefield’ for ideologies, a pretext for various forms of cultural and political anxieties. The growing power of far-right movements all over the world and of other forms of social aggression calls into question the very autonomy of the body. These movements attack our origins, skin colors, beliefs, gender, and sexual identities. Accelerated by the pandemic and current wars, with their tragedies and increasing social divisions, this conservative tide is further and further trespassing the boundaries of our bodily integrity, making it more important than ever to reposition the body as a vehicle for personal freedom and self-empowerment, emancipation, and the celebration of difference in solidarity. On the fluid boundary between lived experience and cinematic imagination, between the personal and the political, the present-day conundrums and trans-generational legacies, the group’s work aims to support the upcoming filmmakers in articulating a (filmic) language for their experiences and themes, in developing their artistic voice, personal methodologies and forms of collaboration. A maieutic, process-oriented approach, where cinema becomes a tool for research, for ‘un-learning’ and ‘re-learning,’ for self-discovery and meaning-making, for transformation and growth.

Adina Pintilie is a filmmaker, artist and curator, and currently Professor for Film at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, with a focus on the Cinema of the Real. On the fluid border between reality, fiction, and visual art, Pintilie's works emerge from decade-spanning, innovative artistic research processes, centered around intimacy, contemporary body politics, and participative practices of in-depth community impact. Her feature film

Touch Me Not won the Golden Bear at the 2018 Berlinale and was nominated for the European Film Academy Awards. Pintilie’s visual art project You Are Another Me––A Cathedral of the Body was selected for the 2022 Venice Art Biennial and invited for its first institutional presentation in Germany at the Stuttgart Kunstverein between Oct 2023 and Jan 2024. Her film Don’t Get Me Wrong premiered in Locarno 2007 competition and won the Golden Dove for Best Non-fiction Film at Dok Leipzig 2007. She is a member of the European Film Academy.

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