How do I find videos?

The easiest way to find a video is to use the search bar. Alternatively, you can navigate to the lecture via the menu item 'Catalog'.

How do I know a new video is online for a specific series?

For each series, there is an automatic notification, which is accessible via the RSS-link above the video list. You need an RSS reader to subscribe to the listed feeds, which will notify you whenever a new video is uploaded.

Do I need to login to use the website?

No. Only producers of lectures need to log in.

Can I download the videos?

Theoretically yes, but it depends on the decision of the uploader. Downloadable videos have a 'Download' section below the video.

Are closed captions supported?

Generally closed captions/ subtitles are supported. However, as these currently require manual creation, there are only a few subtitled videos in our catalog. A (partial) automation of subtitle generation is planned and is to be implemented in the medium to long term.

In which data format are the downloaded videos encoded? Which video player do I need?

The downloaded lectures are encoded in the widely used H.264/MPEG-4 format (file extension 'mp4'). All popular video players such as VLC Player or QuickTime can be used.

How may I use downloaded videos?

All video files available on the portal are subject to a license, which can be seen below the video. In general, the videos may not be used commercially or uploaded on other platforms.


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