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Klasse Prof. Anselm Reyle - Gallery Walk

HFBK Hamburg

Klasse Anselm Reyle - Gallery Walk


Caspar Wülfing: No Titel                                  
Chiao-Han Chueh: Model of sound no.1             
Daniel Eckoldt: Triptychon der Selbst            
Elena Bulycheva: Leopard                                  
Gaia Gionti & Simon Miné: Posthuman Punk                   

Isabelle Fritz: Fade out lines           
Jakob Harms: Sonnenuntergang über St. Helena
Julia Brosemann: Cantaloupe and rubber plantation
Juno Rothaug: Aus der Ecke kehrt                
Kaoru Hoshino: Yesterday Once More           
Liting Pan: TMD-487/他媽的死87          
Marie Boiselle: Ohne Titel                            

Nanhee Kim: We were all once virgins
Priska Engelhardt: Reithalle                              
Sohorab Rabbey: ~ When fate was following in our tracks Like a madman with a razor in his hand.

Zixu Wang: Ohne Titel
Miles Schuler: zunächst „Ohne Titel“
Matthew Muir: „folgt“


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