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Artist Talk by Nabila Horakhsh

Nabila Horakhsh

Nabila Horakhsh is a visual artist and curator from Afghanistan whose work has been exhibited across three continents and who has been at the forefront of establishing Afghan women artists in Kabul and beyond. She was one of the first female Afghan artists to join the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan (CCAA) and participated in the first art exhibition in Kabul that featured only art by Afghan women artists.

The aim of Horakhsh’s projects has been to change the perception of contemporary art in society while also battling gender inequality and security issues in Afghanistan. Primarily working in painting and drawing, her works have been exhibited in group art shows not only in Afghanistan but also in Europe, Canada, India and the United Arab Emirates.

With a practice based in contemporary art, Horakhsh is also dedicated to institutional work, being one of the co-founders of Berang Arts in Kabul, an initiative that used to run events, seminars and workshops for an emerging generation of artists in Afghanistan and beyond. Berang Arts had a focus on organizing events about contemporary art as well as human rights issues.

In summer semester 2022 Nabila Horakhsh is an artist-in-residence at HFBK Hamburg, supported by Martin Roth-Initiative. 

The artist talk was moderated by Marie Pietsch.

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