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HFBK Hamburg
hhintersection(SoSe 20)

hhintersection is an art mediation project based online focusing on topics of diversity and encouraging experimentation in the educational institution and beyond.

hhintersection is a platform where artists and creative producers can share ideas and be visible online.

The project began within the University of Fine Arts (HFBK) Hamburg with a desire to draw the outside world into the institution and allow the work and actions within the university to make moves towards the exterior.

Navigating through the website you’ll find reading material, documentation of previous events as well as information about upcoming things, and projects we’re interested in and want to share and support. hhintersection’s focus is on promoting content representing femme and queer artists and producers aiming to make this material and information available to all.

Our intentions are accessibility, equal representation, and diversity - goals we want to move towards with the understanding there is no quick-fix for the issues we all encounter around these questions. This project is our starting point, and it’s likely to need a few revisions.

For this reason we are open to submissions from all - in or outside of HFBK, for the online material collection as well as event proposals, suggestions, comments and anything else you feel is relevant.

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