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Podcast: An artwork a day #31 - Erkan Özgen (by Sevda Güler)

Podcast: An artwork a day(SoSe 20)

In this podcast series Astrid Mania, students, and colleagues from HFBK as well as special guests talk about art works that resonate with what’s currently on our minds, that might be thought-provoking, comforting and also a little entertaining every now and again in these very unusual times.

In this thirty-first episode Sevda Güler talks about Erkan Özgen, links:
Biennale of Sydney:özgen/ 
Manifesta 12:
Adult Games:
Culture, the Migration Journey, Trauma and Assessment:
Bessel Van Der Kolk:
Purple Sea (review):
Judith Butler: Mourning Is a Political Act Amid the Pandemic and Its Disparities:
Dance and Movement Therapy:
Road to Tate Modern:


Erkan Özgen Interview: When Language is Not Enough:

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