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Podcast: An artwork a day #35 - Save the Last Dance for Me, by Mary Heilmann (by Domingo Martínez)

Podcast: An artwork a day(SoSe 20)

In this podcast series Astrid Mania, students, and colleagues from HFBK as well as special guests talk about art works that resonate with what’s currently on our minds, that might be thought-provoking, comforting and also a little entertaining every now and again in these very unusual times.

In this thirty-fifth episode Domingo Martínez talks about Save the Last Dance for Me, by Mary Heilmann, links:
A reproduction of the painting:
_High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 1967-1975, _edited by Katy Siegel
_Save the Last Dance for Me, _by Terry R. Myers
Errata: Towards the end, I had a lapsus saying "New York, Boston" and "ICA, ICI". The thing is that the ICI is in New York, and I mixed up that with the fact that Heilmann had a large solo show in the early nineties at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) of Boston, which is considered a very important one in her career.






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