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Podcast: Mute/Unmute #3 - Josefine Flora Green on Utopia

Podcast: Mute/Unmute(WiSe 21/22)

Mute/Unmute is a podcast and seminar by Astrid Mania, with the support of Noi Fuhrer and Anne Meerpohl. The idea of this podcast is to introduce and discuss art works, theories and incidents that relate to questions like: who is allowed to speak, who’s not? What can be said, what not? Whose voices have been suppressed? What kind of narratives and histories? What violence do we exert when speaking about others? What should we urgently talk about?

Mute/Unmute is meant to be active during the winter semester 2020/21, but it can potentially run much longer. We welcome contributions from HFBK students and staff and beyond. For more info / list of contributions please see and  / or get in touch with or


Many thanks to Isabella Bock for her wonderful musicproductions!

Wish Made in Water - Barack Al Sane and Isabella Bock:

Träumatorium - Artur Vidal, Izz Karpel, Barack Al Sane and Isabella Bock:


Interviews about utopia with people by Josefine Flora Green:


Definition Utopia (german):

Article „Geduld mit der Wahrheit“ about Agnes Heller (in German): (the letters are about this article)

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch:

Article "Utopien in der Popmusik" (in German):

"„To say it simple: the dancefloor seems as the developed and occupied last utopia which is possible.“ There it is also possible, to realize utopias of time, also for several days.“


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